Get Connected

Church, like family, is more than just a Sunday service. Check out some other ways you can connect at The Village.

Be a part of the Family.

Created for Community

We believe God exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This means God Himself exists in community. In the biblical account of creation, we see this Triune God say:

"Let us make man in our image" - Genesis 1:26

So we, as people created in His image, have a built-in desire to live in community with God and man. Building, and maintaining, relationships with one another is part of God's design.

Transformed by Community

Our community is not just a group of people - it is a gathering of followers of Jesus. We believe that those closest to us shape us for better or worse. That's why we are committed to allowing Jesus to transform our relationships for the better.

Sent as Community

We see a pattern of God drawing people in, and then sending them back out. We are not sent as individuals, but as a community of believers to bear witness to the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ. One of our greatest testimonies to our faith in Jesus is a healthy, flourishing community marked by love and service to one another.

Connect Group

At The Village, we believe that Connect Groups are the best place for individuals to experience personal and spiritual growth, and is the heart of community. People build friendships, get support and encourage one another in faith as we study the word of God together.


Every Sunday we gather together as a community. What you can expect in a typical Sunday service:

Worship and Prayer

Worship and prayer meetings consist of fellowship and sharing of the Word, prayer and sung worship. These are meetings where we turn to our heavenly Father, seeking him together and encouraging one another. Everyone is welcome